Real Wasabi Paste,Tubes

Real Wasabi Paste,Commercial Bag


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100% Real Wasabi Paste(1.53 oz)

Our high quality frozen, prepared Real Wasabi paste is made to exacting standards using finest quality wasabi. There is absolutely NO horseradish in our products; we do add a minimum of additives and preservatives to maintain the fresh wasabi quality of taste and color. Its ready to use once thawed, with no labor costs to mix up inexact and imitation powders.

This product has a two year shelf life frozen, and 60 days refrigerated and unopened. Once opened the product should be used in 30 days. Product is kept frozen at -10 degrees F. until shipped.


Real Wasabi Paste in Large Tubes(5.33 oz)

These are the same large tubes we deliver to the finest restaurants. They are more economical than small tubes. We make our own wasabi paste with 100% real wasabi and then quick freeze. There is absolutely NO horseradish. Your order is shipped frozen, by air, and delivered to your door ready to use.